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nisei veterans

     Kansha Preschool is a living legacy of the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center. The memorial center is dedicated to the Japanese-American soldiers of World War II, including the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the famed 100th Infantry Battalion, and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). The soldiers of the 100th Infantry and 442nd Regiment, many who came from the plantation camps and communities on Maui, became the most highly decorated in U.S. Army History. The soldiers of the Military Intelligence Service played a pivotal role in ending the war in the Pacific. The Preschool and intergenerational center reflect the values of the Nisei veterans: honor, respect, and love of family and community.

     The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center was incorporated in 1991 with the purpose of overseeing the acquisition of a site for the construction of a memorial in Hawai'i to honor the Nisei Veterans of the 100th Batallion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). The Center was formed by representatives of all of the veterans organizations on Maui associated with Japanese Americans of World War II, including the Maui AJA Veterans, Inc., Club 100, 442nd Veterans Club, Military and Intelligence Service, West Maui AJA Veterans, and the Maui Sons and Daughters of Nisei Veterans. For more information about the Center, please go to www.nvmc.org



     When the Nisei Veterans Center By-Laws were drawn up in 1992, one of the stated purposes of the center was: "to recognize the youth and the elderly as our greatest resources and to provide for them as a necessity." This intergenerational center will reflect the values of the center as stated in its by-laws. We honor the Nisei Veterans by perpetuating the values they believed in and fought for: honor, respect, determination and service to others.
     The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center is committed to building a lasting tribute to the Nisei soldiers of World War II who displayed quiet determiniation in the face of skepticism, and steadfast courage that the Constitution would eventually be upheld as standing for all of the people all of the time.'