Our hope is that the values of the Nisei Veterans are perpetuated through our children and families: the importance of love and respect for, and service to one's family and community; gratitude to those who care for you; and commitment to making the world a positive place for everyone. 

about us

     Kansha Preschool is honored to serve as a legacy for the veterans for whom our facility, the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center, is named. The Preschool and intergenerational center reflect the values of the Nisei Veterans: honor, respect, and love of family and community. We honor the Nisei Veterans by perpetuating these values they believed in and fought for through determination and service to others.

     Our classroom is licensed for 16 children over the age 3 and under age 6. We maintain a 1-to-8 adult to child ratio, and share common courtyard lawn and lanai areas with the "grandmas and grandpas" from the Maui Adult Day Care Center. 


     The Preschool is designed for families who want their children to grow in awareness and appreciation for the rich cultural history of their island home.

     We are co-located in a facility with the Maui Adult Day Care Center's Oceanview program. An important segment of our activities are the learning experiences we share with the high-functioning clients who are elderly, physically frail, or may be in the early stages of alzheimer's disease. We are all enriched by these opportunities to care for each other.

     The children create deep friendships with the "grandmas & grandpas," gaining insight into dealing with challenges we all face as part of living. Together, they engage in activities such as reading, playing games, creating art, singing and dancing, taking walks around the yard together, and constructing play with manipulatives.



     We provide the support, guidance, and tools necessary to engage children's interests in learning and constructing knowledge based on meaningful experiences. We encourage activities where the actions of children determine the outcomes. Open-ended activities allow children to learn cause-and-effect, and develop analytical skills for problem solving the "whys" and "what ifs." Together we learn about our own histories, the people and places that form our community, and how we can all make positive contributions to our island home and the world.


hours of operation

Our Preschool hours are 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Monday through Friday except for holidays and vacation periods.